Elena Maria Lopez


What if you discovered the love of your life

married you for citizenship ...

... and was willing to kill you to keep it?

(Where TRUE CRIME meets MEMOIR.)

In 2002, Elena Maria Lopez’s life changed overnight. After her Dutch husband of two years admitted to marrying her for a green card, he carried out a violent reign of terror to keep her quiet.

Forced to hire a retired F.B.I. agent after local law enforcement and immigration officials did nothing, she found a trail of fraudulent and criminal activities in her husband's path …

In her "investigative memoir," The Mourning Bride, Lopez not only chronicles the terrifying story of her marriage, but exposes rampant fraud in the easiest and most common way for foreigners to gain U.S. citizenship.

She's currently searching for a publisher.

Elena Maria Lopez is a former political journalist and financial writer ... [full bio]


U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee (via C-SPAN), March 15, 2017:
Vows for Visas - K-1 Fiance Fraud (congressional testimony)

Fox News, September 8, 2016:

New Jersey resident Elena Maria Lopez ... now runs an advocacy website to educate the public .... “The easiest way to get a quick green card is by claiming domestic violence against your American spouse,” Lopez said. “Making such unsubstantiated, uninvestigated allegations can help you bypass background checks ..."

Haaretz Newspaper (Hebrew edition), October 17, 2015:  

Her husband, Elena Maria Lopez met when he was visiting the US on business... Lopez's husband was a romantic and thoughtful and readily took to her family and friends. She could not imagine the shocking turn her life would take...

§  §  §
Fox News, USA Today, Geraldo Rivera’s Geraldo at Large (pdf), The Star-Ledger (MSWord), the Spanish-language El Sol Latino newspaper (pdf) and Israel’s Haaretz newspaper all featured Lopez’s personal story of immigration fraud, violence and betrayal.
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